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Welcome to Ren Bours Ceramics Agency - the Sauerkrautpot specialist

Traditional handwork stoneware ceramics; Sauerkraut pots, Rumtopfe, Römertopfe - stewpots, Vinegar pots, garlic and union pots, jugs jars bottles, butter pots, picklepots, cakeforms, puddingforms, canningkettles and supplies and lots of other usefull kitchensupplies.

Tjine Dutch handcraft stoneware

Handwork stoneware vinegar pots kombucha pots

Bread pot

Rumtopf from Holland

Vinegar pots kombucha pots

Tajines stewpots

Amphoras 2,75 liter Dutch handwork

Canning kettles traditional galvanized: 20 and 30 liters. Complete with rack, temperaturemeter and holder.

Canning kettles and canning supplies

We also have a large collection safe beechwood kitchensupplies of high quality.

Safe beechwood kitchen supplies


Complete startersets with 15% discount.

More information click here or on the pictures below.

Complete starterset

Startersets making sauerkraut fermentation

All our products on our website are complete with prices, sizes, pictures and weights. All sizes are in cm - all volumes are in liter - all weights are in kilo and excluding package.

US Measurements:
1 cm = 0,4 Inches // 1 liter = 0,26412 Gallon
1 kilo = 2,204 pounds // 1 euro = ?,?? USD
- current rate


100% Safe package services worldwide

We have daily shipments all over the world and are experts in save packing. Shipping fees are based on the destination and total weigh of your packed item(s).

All shipments come including insurance and track and trace packagenumbers you will get by email as soon as your package leaves our stocks.

We guarantee: All damage during transport will be replaced by us for 100% including all transportcosts.

Worldwide we ship via POSTNL / TNT.

More info...

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Ordering our products

If you are interested in one or more items, please contact us with the following details:

  • The article number(s) of the product(s) you want
  • The exact quantity of the product(s) you want

    With this information we will get back to you with a confirmation and further details.

Please fill out our preliminary Order Form to begin your order. Once this form is submitted, we will be in contact with you shortly by email.

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Ordering by Phone

You can place your order by telephone.

Please call us at +31-475570008 or +31-636334215.

Our business hours are Monday through Saturday, 8am to 8pm.

If you have any questions about any of our products, please don't hesitate to ask.

Optimal nutrition is the medicine of the future.


Ordering by Postletter

We also accept orders by postletter.

The address for mailing written orders and payments is:

Ren Bours Ceramics Agency - Keukenkeramiek
Dorpstraat 25
6099 BH Beegden – Netherlands

Phone. +31-475570008 / +31-636334215

HR 12063407 / Taxnr: NL111706105B03

IBAN: NL39RABO0126344957



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Impression products:

Fermentation pots
Fermentation pots
Fermentation pots
Fermentation pots
Fermentation pots
Crockpot Sauerkrautpot
Crockpot Sauerkrautpot
Crockpot Sauerkrautpot
Fermentation pots
Fermentation pots sauerkraut
Fermentation pots
Fermentation pots
Starterset making sauerkraut
Starterset making sauerkraut
Starterset making sauerkraut
Starterset making sauerkraut
Saltglazed vinegar pots
Saltglazed vinegar pot
Vinegar pots
Vinegar pots
Vinegar pots
Saltglazed vigegar pots
Saltglazed jars and jugs
Saltglazed jars and jugs
Romertopfe saltglazed ceramics
Garlic pots
Potatoes pot
Master craft Rumtopf
Vinegar pots master pieces
Garlic pots
Baking forms
Cake forms pudding forms
Bleechwood cabbage slicers
Weightstones for sauerkraut pots
Beechwood honey dippers
beechwood kraut pounders
Beechwood supplies
Beechwood supplies
Beans cutter
Appel cutter
Cherry stoners
Passe vite
meat grinders
canning supplies and canningkettles

Contact & Order information


Ren Bours Ceramics Agency


Dorpstraat 25 - 6099 BH Beegden

0031-475570008 / 0031-636334215


HR 12063407 / Taxnr: NL111706105B03


IBAN: NL39RABO0126344957





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